ACE Water Damage Solutions is the Valley’s leader in emergency flood services and mold remediation. We have been supplying high-quality restoration services to our customers since 1972 and are trusted by some of the nations largest hotel chains, property management companies, and corporations.

ACE Water Damage Solutions Services Include:

  • 24hr Emergency Response
  • Water Extraction
  • Structural Dehumidification
  • Structural Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Contents Restoration
  • Mold Prevention & Remediation
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Water Extraction
  • Consulting Services
  • Fire Restoration
  • Odor Elimination 

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services:

ACE Water Damage Solutions provides 24-hour immediate response 365 days a year. We guarantee having an emergency response crew on site within one hour of a call where you will speak with a live emergency coordinator. In many instances we will have a crew out there even faster. We understand that a quick response can make the difference in the size, cost and time to recovery of a loss.

Our technicians use the latest drying theories and technologies to expedite the drying process while maintaining or reducing costs. One example is the use of thermal imaging technology to identify hard to find moisture pockets. We provide daily progress reports, equipment sheets and moisture readings to verify all work and job progress. Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected between every job to ensure that contaminants are not spread between job sites.

Remediation Practices:

 Should your property be facing an existing problem ACE’s remediation specialists work closely with highly reputable mold experts to determine the actual levels and assess the danger. We will then work together with you to develop a responsible and reasonable remediation protocol using the best practices outlined by the Instituteof Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification S520 standards, New York City Guidelines, and the EPA

ACE does not employ hygienists or certified mold inspectors for the purpose of testing. We believe it is important to keep these highly trained individuals separate in order to supply you with the most effective remediation services while eliminating any conflict of interest. Should a situation arise that requires a mold remediation expert, we have the ability to retain and incorporate those costs into our billing, providing you a single point of contact, improving communication, response time and keeping the project on schedule.  

 Proven commitment, proven results:

 Our team of experts will meet with your planning staff to discuss your priorities and critical business functions. We look to understand your critical systems, facilities and vital records before a disaster strikes, saving hours days and weeks in potential lost recovery time. We can often recommend practical and proven solutions to potential problems before they arrive, adding value as a key partner in your recovery scenario.  Communication:A key component to any protocol is communication. ACE Water Damage Solutions can assist in communication efforts between key organizational personnel and clients. ACE’s technicians will be in contact in with your project coordinators on a daily basis. These individuals are invited to join us on walk-through to ensure that your staff is well informed to make key decisions throughout the process.

Customer Service:

Our highly trained office staff is here to make your job easier.  Our internal procedures ensure that you will be in constant communication with progress being made on every job. We strive to ensure that problems do not arise on any job site but should one occur, we will come out to inspect the issue and resolve it immediately.  

Drying procedures are performed until the moisture content is at or below 20% (in accordance to the IICRC S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration), a level at which the affected area will no longer support microbial growth.  When moisture levels have been reduced and drying goals have been met, all of the equipment is removed and our work is complete.

We at ACE Water Damage Solutions look forward to working with your team and encourage you to contact us to answer any questions you may have regarding our rates or if we can provide any additional information or help to you in any way.